Opening 26th January 1963
 An artist's impression of the 205,000 Litherland Bowl

Lanes are on two floors
The surroundings of an A.B.C. bowling centre incorporate snack bars at which the public can have light refreshments and watch play at the same time, seating and lockers for personal belongings and bowling equipment, while many centres have licenced club rooms.
   The A.B.C. Bowl at Litherland has twenty-three bowling lanes distributed over two floors. Automatic pin-spotters sweep away the fallen pins and replace them, and automatically register the pins left standing after the first ball in each frame is rolled.
   The centre will be open daily at 10 a.m. from Sunday next. Patrons are allowed in free of charge and if they wish to play they pay on booking a lane.
   It is anticipated that within a few weeks of opening, league bowling will be form an important part of the new centre's activities.
   To encourage an even higher degree of skill and competitive spirit, A.B.C. are offering 500 to the first player to roll a sanctioned 300 score - a perfect game - in recognised league or torunament play.
A game for everyone
Tenpin bowling can be played not only by skilled enthusiasts, but by people in all age groups.
   At the Litherland centre, in addition to a snack bar, cloakrooms, offices and a control centre operating the eleven lanes are situated on the ground floor. A licensed clubroom for members of the centre's Tenpin Bowling Club overlooks the first floor's twelve lanes and control centre. The centre also has a store where bowling equipment and clothing can be bought.
Governing body
Like all other sports, Tenpin Bowling has its governing body. Set up in 1961, the B.T.B.A. (British Tenpin Bowling Association), under the presidency of Lord Essenden, have 7000 members, which sets up area associations wherever tenpin bowling is played. The secretary of the Liverpool Area Association is Mr Frank Smith, who will be at the opening.
   Main contractor for the building was J. Gerrard and Sons., Ltd of Swinton, Manchester, and the architect was Mr C. J. Foster, of London.
   There are car parking facilities for fifty-four cars.
How not to Bowl
Norman Rossington, the Liverpool stage and television actor shows how not to bowl. he will be at the opening to-morrow
A.B.C's new 205,000 Tenpin Bowling Centre, built on the site of the Regal cinema, Litherland, is to be offically opened by the Chairman of Litherland Urban Council, Councillor R. F. Williams, tomorrow evening.
   Celebrities from film, stage and sport will be present, including Mario Fabrizi and Liverpool television star Norman Rossington. Among the sportsmen will be middleweight boxer Tony Smith, Alan Prescott of the Leigh Rugby Football Club, Billy Bingham of Everton, and Billy Liddell, the ex-Liverpool and Scotland international.
   Civic dignitaries present will include the Mayor of Bootle, Alderman Simon Mahon, M.P., the chairman of Kirkby Urban Council, Councillor J. Nugent, and the Chairman of Ormskirk Urban Council, Councillor A. P. Lea.

Mario Fabrizi

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